You Serve Your Patients, but Are You Serving Your Team?

dental assistant continuing education

You provide your best efforts to treat the young patients under your care. Pediatric dentistry is of vital importance, and as their dentist, these children are your responsibility. However, the dental assistants and other team members who keep your practice thriving are also your responsibility, and they look to you as a leader and mentor. […]

How to Make the Most of Holidays

Santa Claus at pediatric dental office

This time of year can be challenging for pediatric dental practices. But the holidays don’t have to mean you experience slowdowns or a bunch of missed appointments. In fact, there are a few things you can do to increase revenue in your dental practice during the holiday season. Here are a few ways to rid […]

How to Build a Championship Franchise

Basketball on court

What can your pediatric dental practice learn from the Golden State Warriors? You might be surprised. Only a few years ago, the Warriors were one of the worst-performing teams in the National Basketball Association. From 1992–2012, the team only managed to break a .500 win percentage four times (for those unfamiliar with sports, a .500 […]

Team Building – Morale & Relationship Boosting Exercises

Pediatric dentist and team of assistants

The Pediatric Dental Assistants Association is dedicated to helping your team operate at the highest levels. How do you help a group of professional individuals learn to operate smoothly and efficiently as a team? They need opportunities to get out of their normal bubble and begin to think about each other in different ways. If […]