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The Pediatric Dental Team Association (PDTA) is the only professional organization dedicated to the education and ongoing development of pediatric dental team members. We know and understand the difficulty Pediatric Dental Practices have finding qualified pediatric dental team members to hire.This is where PDTA comes in. We provide high standards of education and practice in all aspects of the profession. With one membership, you can train multiple team members in pediatric dentistry, which has the added benefit of growing their careers as you build your business. You can also find additional staff by posting available jobs. Take your practice and team to the next level of success. Join Today!

PDTA Membership Saves Time and Money!!

  • Support your hiring someone who really doesn’t have adequate pediatric dentistry skill by utilizing our training!
  • Bypass the continuous cycle of finding, hiring and training team members.
  • Get existing staff as well as new hires up to speed faster.
  • Avoid ‘losing’ experienced employees when they are training new hires and having your office understaffed for a time.
  • Get your team’s yearly required CE with ADA Cerp credits by attending our annual PDTA conference for less.

Only $595 for Annual Membership for your entire office per location!

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Dr. Rhea Haugseth established PDTA to help her colleagues educate their teams by ensuring pediatric dental team members obtain the continuing education they need. Dr. Haugseth also founded the Pediatric Dental Assistant School in Atlanta and operated her own full-time dental practice for 38 years. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and was an examiner for the ABPD for years.

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The PDTA Practice Membership Package:

  • Get Access to Over 150 On-Demand Training Modules
  • Online Distance Learning available 24/7/365
  • Q & A Assessment for Online Training Modules
  • Helpful Modules for Team Meeting Material & Trainings
  • One person attends the PDTA Annual Conference – For FREE! And the rest of the team receives a discount
  • ADA Certified Continuing Education for Dental Team Members Attending Annual Conference
  • Helpful Modules for Team Meeting Material & Trainings
  • A supportive community that understands the challenges you face

Only $595 for Annual Membership for your entire office per location!

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Pediatric Dental Assistants   TRAINING MODULES: Clinical and non-clinical topics
1. Hygiene
2. Radiology
3. Impressions/models
4. Assisting
5. Protective Stabilization
6. Sterilization
7. Photography
8. Communication – soft skills with clients, parents and patients
9. Team Workshops
10. Behavior Guidance
11. Marketing
12. Practice Management
13. Risk Management – procedure info
14. Hiring
15. Sedation


Q: What types of training topics are available? The PDTA is keeping members at the forefront of education in the pediatric dental field. These videos focus on learning and reviewing clinical procedures, as well as well as communication, leadership, marketing, risk management and many other non-clinical areas. Q: Do you have ongoing communication and education? Our bimonthly newsletter is filled with helpful information ranging from questions pediatric dental teams ask about situations in their office, articles on tips to improve your practice as well as non-dental information to enhance the lives of your entire team. The newsletter is an excellent resource to keep your PDTs connected and excited to be part of bigger community of high-performing PDTs. Q: How can I utilize my membership? Help new hires learn basic skills or sharpen their existing skills, without having to pull productive team members to train those new hires. Our unique learning modules be used in staff meetings, workshops, retreats or one-on-one. Many offices standardize procedures by having their entire team learn from the modules, so everyone has the same information that can then be tweaked for your individual needs. Non-clinical training modules improve “soft skills” in communication and collaboration, helping staff become better team members. Educate your entire team on why attention to detail and correct data entry is important and how it affects your risk management levels. Q: Will this help me build a positive work environment? No matter where you are in your career as a Dental Team member, improving your “soft skills” can help you become a better worker, better team member, and a better person. Embracing a work lifestyle that involves communication and feedback, as well as collaboration, and working together to improve things, can only lead to positive results and higher productivity. Q: What kind of access will I have? With 24/7/365 access, the PDTA allows learning during downtime at the office, at the house, or anywhere from a phone or tablet. Q: Who is Dr. Haugseth? Dr. Rhea Haugseth, a pediatric dentist with over 40 years of experience as well as a pediatric dental assistant expert. As the founder and director of the PDTA, she provides the association unique insight and education from her years of experience in the pediatric dental industry. In addition, she founded and manages the Atlanta Pediatric Assistant Dental School.

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“I have been very impressed with the training modules offered by the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association. Not only do we use them to help train new staff members, but we use them for our staff meetings to keep our communication skills sharp. My dental assistants were so pleased when we provided membership in the PDTA for them! Being members in a professional organization just for them has elevated their sense of pride in their careers. The professionalism of our team has really increased. Thank you for providing this opportunity for personal and professional growth for pediatric dental assistants!” —Faith Bates, DMD Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry “All of my staff in my practice are members of PDTA and they really love being a part of their professional organization. It gives them insight to the big picture of pediatric dentistry, outside the walls of our day to day practice. After attending the PDTA Annual meeting, they returned with a greater sense of professionalism and drive, saying they were inspired and motivated! Additionally, our entire staff really bonded which has been a huge bonus! They now have a fun sense of teamwork which benefits everyone in the practice!” —Anthea Drew Mazzawi, DMD Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry







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