At the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association, we pride ourselves in our training, events, and educational content afforded to all members. With regularly updated content, videos, real world advice, and events, membership in the PDTA is something pediatric dentists around the country are finding incredibly valuable for their team and practice.

Instead of hearing about the value of membership in the PDTA from us, take a few moments to read what real-life members have to say about the organization, events, and what it means to them and their dental practice!

After reviewing the testimonials, if you have any questions about membership or how to join the PDTA, feel free to contact us, here. And if you’d like to increase the profitability of your pediatric dental practice, download our free guide, here.


All of the assistants in my practice are members of PDTA and they really love being a part of their professional organization. It gives them insight to the big picture of pediatric dentistry, outside the walls of our day to day practice. 

After attending the PDTA Annual meeting, they returned with a greater sense of professionalism and drive, saying they were inspired and motivated!  Additionally, our group of assistants really bonded which has been a huge bonus!

They now have a fun sense of teamwork which benefits everyone in the practice!


Dr. Anthea of the PDTAAnthea Drew Mazzawi
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Canton, GA



“I have been very impressed with the training modules offered by the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association.

Not only do we use them to help train new staff members, but we use them for our staff meetings to keep our communication skills sharp. My dental assistants were so pleased when we provided membership in the PDTA for them!

Dr Faith Bates of Smyrna GABeing members in a professional organization just for them has elevated their sense of pride in their careers. The professionalism of our team has really increased.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for personal and professional growth for pediatric dental assistants!”

Dr. Faith Bates, DMD
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
Smyrna, GA


I have enjoyed using the PDTA website. I have learned new techniques to develop and perfect my work. PDTA has multiple skillful video presentations filled with information and advice. I especially like that I can return to these videos at a later date and continue to improve.

Assistant to Dr Daly.

These training modules have made an impact for the office I work for. Our new staff members as well as our senior employees have found each video beneficial to their everyday routine. Thank you to Dr. Rhea for providing the opportunity for all dental assistants to grow professionally.

-Vianey Cortes, RDA

“I feel like it has been really helpful for our team, especially for our new team members  They catch something in the video that they weren’t taught in person. I also like that the training is for everyone in the office, not just assistants! There is something for everyone.”

-Michelle Potter, office manager  


“Traditional dental assistant training is inadequate at best for preparation to work in pediatric dentistry. Since beginning the program with our assistants, it has given them greater confidence in procedures, and I have noticed greater autonomy of my team. This give me a bit more time for the things I can’t delegate.”

-Chad Jensen DMD


Here are responses to a survey of PDTA members!

1. How you utilize the training modules in your office?

  • Self didactic, use over paid time.
  • New employees utilize training modules as part of their 90 day period.
  • Clinical training modules available 24/7 – useful for new hires and cross training
  • Non-clinical training – useful for entire staff training
  • Standardize training – everyone on the same page
  • Staff meetings – went through Risk Management modules – great to have team understand its importance

2. The membership benefits you and/or your team really enjoy!

  • Everything!
  • Flexibility- can pick and choose which trainings to use based on the needs of the employee, they are accessible 24/7 so they can even look at them from home
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Conference
  • Marketing ideas
  • “Ask the Pediatric Pro” in Newsletter

3. What would you tell them about the PDTA and its benefits?

  • Awesome training videos and conference opportunities
  • Encourages leadership within the team
  • ADA Cerp credits for training
  • Provides staff meeting ideas we need to discuss – they look at the modules and then we discuss and tweak for us
  • Great tool to train your staff at their own time.
  • Great Value. Tremendous variety of info in many different areas for a practice.