Conflicts with Team Members – Are you PUSHY or ASSERTIVE?

Pushy vs. Assertive. How Do You Tell the Difference?   When you think of “pushy,” two unfortunate stereotypes likely come to mind: the salesman who obnoxiously pressures you to buy, and the aggressive woman who elbows out all other concerns until she gets what she wants.   Although those are stereotypes, “pushy” does exist. We […]

Some Fun Ways to Increase Retention of your Team and Your Patients

I don’t know about you but January always makes me feel a little BLUE! 😩 The holidays are over and the weather in most places is rainy, snowy, cold, cloudy or just GREY!                                      Your team and patients are feeling the same way…  […]

How to Thank Everyone Associated with Your Practice

Yay – the Holiday season has officially begun!  👏 I know this is the time of year that we all look forward to and it can also be very stressful! So much to do… planning dinner, invite friend and family, and so much more. While we are seeing Christmas decorations everywhere – this is really our […]

The Top Ten Ways to Use PDTA Materials to Strengthen, Stabilize and Build your Cohesive Team

This is one of the most favorite times of the year! A time to be with family and friends,enjoying all the holiday decorations, and maybe even enjoying a blanket of snow! For many of us, it is a time to look at our practices and plan for the changes we want to make in 2023. We […]

Natural GERD Remedies

It’s the season for barbecues, picnics and ballpark hotdogs. With these wonderful times spent with family and friends can come indigestion and heartburn – which may be diagnosed as GERD. Experiencing these symptoms sporadically is not usually a problem but when it becomes chronic many complications can occur.😞 I know we also see evidence of […]

“WOW” Experiences – Are your patients feeling it?

When was the last time you looked at your PATIENT EXPERIENCE while they are in your office? Look at it through the eyes 👀 of your patients as well as their families… who are watching and having a different customer experience. Is it a  “WOW” experience or… is it just OK? Is your practice generating lots of FANS?   How many […]

What is that Funky Smell?

The health and safety of everyone in your office is nothing to take lightly. But that goes for your team just as much as it goes for your patients! I can’t stress enough the importance of adhering to all CDC and government regulations that have been required for dental offices to remain open, but I also can’t […]