Putting the Value Back in Performance Evaluations

  We have disposable contact lens, disposable cameras, disposable headphones on airplanes. Lest we add disposable employee appraisals to the list, we might want to consider ways to put more “value” into performance evaluations so that they become more like a roadmap for development than a shortcut to nowhere. Performance appraisals for all employees are […]

A Good Laugh Is Good for Business

“The arrival of a good clown into a village does more for its health than 20 asses laden with drugs,” observed Thomas Sydenham, a 17th century British physician, who may have been the first doctor to recommend laughter as the best medicine. Dental practice owners and managers today are increasingly acknowledging that laughter is good […]

Mastering Boring Conversations: The SLANT Approach

The holiday season often brings us together with family and friends, creating moments for lively conversations. However, not every discussion is a captivating one. Whether you find yourself stuck in a seemingly dull dialogue or need an exit strategy, mastering the art of conversation is a valuable skill. In this blog post, we’ll explore the […]

How Well Do You Communicate?

  Nearly every contact we make involves communications skills. Speaking and listening, our attitude, speech patterns, the words we use, the tone of our voice, our body language and sometimes even the silences all play a part in how successful our communications are. To find out how well you communicate, answer each statement true or […]

Top 10 Ways to Handle Difficult Conversations

  The fallout from conversations gone wrong is not pretty: trust and intimacy suffer, while resentment and misunderstanding build. But it is possible to improve the way we handle our most difficult personal conversations. Our relationships need to nourish us, not deplete us. Consider the following:                 1. Set […]

One-Liners to Avoid in an Argument

They slice and dice, cutting wounds not easily healed by pacifying words. They inflame like a lit match near gasoline. They suck the life out of all that they touch. They’re the zingers we fling at each other during arguments, the cruel and aggressive wisecracks or retorts that escalate a fight like nothing else. And […]

Top 10 Ways to Cool Your Anger

  Left unchecked, anger can damage relationships, careers, even lives. Here are 10 simple ways to cool your anger before it gets out of control:   Take several deep breaths. Breathe in calmness and then release anger as you breathe out. Do something physical. Take a walk, go to the gym or walk some stairs. […]

Seven Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Website

Website Annual Maintenance Tasks  by Christina Hills   By taking the time to update, optimize, and edit your website, you’ll attract more visitors, improve user experience, and boost your search engine rankings. Remember, visitors don’t spend a long time on your website. If there’s a broken link, missing image, slow speed, or any other issue, they’re […]

Getting the Lead Out!

This may blow your mind…or at least get you thinking differently!  I recently attended a College of Diplomates of the ABPD webinar given by our esteemed colleague Dr. Juan F. Yepes entitled “Yes, believe me, it is time to abandon the lead!!! He presented some very compelling information on why we need to get rid of the […]

How (Well) Do You Handle Conflict?

How You Handle Conflict Quiz It’s a fact of life in our world today: Conflict, like taxes, is inevitable. This isn’t all bad. Naturally people are going to have differing points of view. Sometimes conflict and the resolution that comes from it, can result in a closer bond between two people or more complete understanding […]