Natural GERD Remedies

It’s the season for barbecues, picnics and ballpark hotdogs. With these wonderful times spent with family and friends can come indigestion and heartburn – which may be diagnosed as GERD. Experiencing these symptoms sporadically is not usually a problem but when it becomes chronic many complications can occur.😞 I know we also see evidence of […]

“WOW” Experiences – Are your patients feeling it?

When was the last time you looked at your PATIENT EXPERIENCE while they are in your office? Look at it through the eyes 👀 of your patients as well as their families… who are watching and having a different customer experience. Is it a  “WOW” experience or… is it just OK? Is your practice generating lots of FANS?   How many […]

What is that Funky Smell?

The health and safety of everyone in your office is nothing to take lightly. But that goes for your team just as much as it goes for your patients! I can’t stress enough the importance of adhering to all CDC and government regulations that have been required for dental offices to remain open, but I also can’t […]

Interviewing Pediatric Dental Assistants

interviewing dental assistant

Are You Asking the Right Questions? Pediatric dentists have lots of education and training, but interviewing candidates for your dental team is often only learned through experience. Even if your practice runs smoothly, you might be missing important information during job interviews if you’re not asking the right questions. You’re not alone; many dentists struggle […]

You Serve Your Patients, but Are You Serving Your Team?

dental assistant continuing education

You provide your best efforts to treat the young patients under your care. Pediatric dentistry is of vital importance, and as their dentist, these children are your responsibility. However, the dental assistants and other team members who keep your practice thriving are also your responsibility, and they look to you as a leader and mentor. […]

Get Ready for the 2018 PDTA Conference

2018 PDTA conference

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn, network, and interact with your pediatric dental assistant peers at the only industry conference dedicated to you. The 4th Annual PDTA Conference will be held this year at the Atlanta Airport Marriott, October 26-27, 2018. This two-day event features specialists in pediatric dentistry, and it’s crammed full of great […]