Skills training Checklists – do you have any?

I recently saw a copy of the article sent out from the ADA about the shortage of staff and the difficulty finding them in most dental offices. I am sure some of you are feeling this same pinch. How are you evaluating new hires for their skills and determine their training needs?

I have addressed this issue and gave a few tips on how to hire in previous PDTA Pearls.

I recently was featured for the AAPD Podcast series discussing this topic. It will be aired in April or may so please be on the lookout for that!

In this video, I talk about how to evaluate a potential or new employee’s skills in a systematic way. Having a checklist to help you objectively evaluate skillsets and guide the training needed to achieve these skills, will greatly ease your stress and that of your team and a new hire. Access it here at:

Pediatric Dental Team Association (PDTA) members have access to these editable checklists that cover the skills for:
Front Desk
Floater/ New Assistant
Hygienist / Hygiene Assistant
Orthodontic Assistant
Restorative Assistant
Blank Chart to develop your own

Enroll in the PDTA and get access today at