5 Awesome April Fool’s Pranks and Marketing Ideas

I am posting this a little early in that you might be able to use some of these ideas to prank your kids, grandkids, or anyone else you want! Here is a April joke: How do April flowers kiss?
With their tu-lips! 🌷🌷

5 AWESOME April Fool’s Pranks

😜 Swap their favorite cereal
Change out the inside bag with a healthier version or one
you want them to try

😜 Color their milk
Choose food coloring in any color you want

😜 Swap out Cheetos with baby carrots
This can also be a special treat from the Easter Bunny

😜 Plant a doughnut tree
Make a seed packet with picture of doughnuts on the front,
place cheerios plain or colored ones to have
sprinkle doughnuts! Plant in a pot of dirt. Keep the joke
going for a few days. Then place some mini doughnuts in a
plant, same type of pot, and watch their surprise

😜 Crazy Growth Spurt
Get the kids to eat broccoli or some other vegetable to help
them grow. After they go to sleep, place some tissues in
the toes of their shoes, lay out clothes in a smaller size (or
new clothes you can return) and watch when they put them

These ideas can be shared with your patient families with an email blast – you could do these as a Facebook contest with photos: have the parents try it on their kids, take a photo and post on your page. Then the parents get their friends to like their photo on your practice page and the photo with the most likes wins a prize! It would not have to be for April Fools – just a fun contest!

Have fun anyway you want – maybe a Money Tree 💲💲 by planting dimes or pennies?! Attach dollar bills to a tree branch/large twig to make the tree and surprise the kids!

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