2nd Annual PDTA Conference Gallery

Our 2nd Annual Pediatric Dental Assistants Conference in Atlanta has officially wrapped, and it sure was a great success! From stellar guest speakers to incredible attendees, everyone had a blast and learned valuable information for their profession as a Pediatric Dental Assistant.

If you happened to miss out on the 2nd Annual Conference, take a moment and enjoy some of the images from the event with our gallery below. And be sure to not miss out on next years event… as the 3rd Annual PDTA Conference will be even bigger and better than before!

For more information about the annual conference, or about the benefits of, or joining the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association, contact Dr. Rhea Haugseth, director of the PDTA, at the following:

Email: pdaadirector@gmail.com
Phone: (770) 823 – 3534
Fax: (770) 578 – 8957