Make a remarkable impact in the lives of your patients and the success of your dental practice

The Pediatric Dental Assistants Association is the only place where the professional status of pediatric dental assistants and their contribution to the field of dentistry is recognized.

It is where pediatric dental assistants can grow and reach their full potential as professionals, helping children and supporting their dental practice.

Our Struggles Often Lead Us to Creative Solutions

Have you ever thought about the time, effort, and resources you dedicate to hiring and training assistants for your dental practice?

Even when they are trained, do they continue to grow and maintain the high standards of patient care, communication, and attention that you taught them? Or do they fall into bad habits over time?

In my experience, training dental assistants to be effective in a pediatric environment often proved to be a challenge.

For one, they really didn't have the skills to work with my young patients.

Secondly, and more seriously, they lacked the soft skills needed to communicate effectively with parents, connect with children, manage their time and prioritize responsibilities - skills needed to be successful in any career.

I found myself training, and retraining, taking valuable time not just from me, but from my established, accomplished PDAs.

This hurt the productivity of my practice more than anything else.

Even worse, I hated having spent so much time and resources getting them productive and functioning, to have them later lose interest or dedication and walk out the door in search of a more "fulfilling career."

If this resonates even a little for you then I invite you to read on!

Your path is paved for a more successful dental practice

Being a PDA can be a fulfilling career. And I was determined to help these young, aspiring people achieve it. Not only that, I knew I wasn't alone and wanted to provide a solution to my pediatric dental colleagues who faced the same challenges.

That is when I founded the Pediatric Dental Assistants Association.

At the PDAA, our commitment is to provide continuing education to all pediatric dental assistants so they can grow in knowledge and skills, and become a valuable, contributing member of their employer's dentist practice.

The result? Ultimate personal and employee satisfaction. More profitable, thriving dentist employers.

Is a PDAA Membership Right For Your Practice?

Enrolling your PDAs as members in the PDAA makes a powerful statement about your dental practice.

When you enroll your assistants as members of the PDAA , you join members across the country, and in your state, speaking on behalf of this profession and your patients.

A membership with the PDAA identifies your Pediatric Dental Assistants as professionals who are serious about their work and purposeful about staying informed, educated and involved.

Your membership shows not only your employees, but your colleagues and patients that you are committed to excellence.

They will also have access to the annual PDAA Conference in Atlanta in the fall, where ADA CERP credits are issued.

THE PEDIATRIC DENTAL ASSISTANTS ASSOCIATION (PDAA) IS THE ONLY PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION REPRESENTING THE INTERESTS OF PEDIATRIC DENTAL ASSISTANTS. If you believe in advancing the dental profession by promoting high standards of practice, projecting a positive view of pediatric dental assistants, providing ongoing education, and support a place where they can belong and achieve a career worth pursuing, then the PDAA is for you.

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What are the Benefits?

The PDAA believes in helping all Pediatric Dental Assistants achieve their full potential as they seek to improve children's oral health.

We support dental practices across the nation by providing access to quality clinical training videos and promoting dental assistant education with ongoing training modules in all areas of pediatric dental care.

At the annual PDAA Conference, PDAs gain knowledge, insights and opportunities needed to advance your dental practice and increase the value of your staff as they grow and serve the needs of your young patients.

PDAA members have access to:

  • The Annual PDAA Conference - an excellent place to keep your PDAs connected and excited to be part of bigger community of high-performing PDAs. (Conference fees not included in PDAA membership)
  • Pediatric dental assistant training modules in key practice areas.
  • Email support from Dr. Haugseth personally.
  • 24/7 access to videos and training modules to allow learning during downtime at the office, at the house, or even from a tablet.
  • Opportunity to request new training modules to be developed.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter filled with fun, helpful news and information.
  • and much more!
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Still not sure?

I get frequently asked questions from pediatric dentists who are intrigued by the idea of an association for PDAs, but are skeptical and don't want to just jump into anything without doing their due diligence. Questions such as:

  • "Is the PDAA just a training program?"
  • "Is it expensive?"
  • "Do I have to do extra work?"

These are perfectly valid questions. Keep reading below...

  1. The PDAA is not a training program! Yes, there is a variety of Pediatric dental assistant video training modules in key practice areas, available 24/7. But the training is a benefit of your membership. There is much more to gain.
  2. Enrolling your PDAs as members in the PDAA makes a powerful statement about your dental practice. It shows employees, colleagues, patients and their families your commitment to excellence, professionalism, and success.
  3. You join your fellow pediatric dentists across the country, and in your state, supporting our very valuable, essential PDAs who are the very backbone of our practices.
  4. Your membership identifies your Pediatric Dental Assistants as professionals who are serious about their work and purposeful about staying informed, educated and involved.
  5. It is a hands-off program for you as the owner/doctor as your dental assistants gain valuable knowledge and training. This increases the satisfaction and pride they experience, and they see their work as more than just a job, but a career.
  6. When your PDAs are happy, they are productive. When they are productive, you make money.
  7. Your membership fee includes valuable training that you (or your experienced PDAs) no longer have to spend time on. Not only that, you'll find the fee pays for itself many times over as you keep your PDAs happy, productive, and profitable.
  8. Your PDAs have access to the annual PDAA Conference (separate fee) in Atlanta in the fall, where ADA CERP credits are issued.

The PDAA is one-of-kind for your PDAs. It is the only professional organization representing the interests of Pediatric Dental Assistants and promoting the success of the dental offices they work in.

Your membership will show your PDAs how much you value them and the hard work they provide for you every day in your practices.

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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

I don't know about you, but I can name at least TEN professional organizations that I am a member of.

From the AAPD to the American College of Dentists, plus countless memberships in personal interests and hobbies, I firmly believe that associating with people of like-minded interests and aspirations makes a huge impact in the success of your life.

Ever heard the expression, "a rising tide lifts all boats?" Well that's what associations and memberships are like.

Quite frankly, it's high time PDAs got an association of their own, don't you think?

When you surround yourself with people who have ambition, desire, and dreams, you yourself will naturally be pushed to realize your own ambitions and dreams.

And that is what the mission of PDAA strives to achieve: to advance the profession by promoting high standards of practice, projecting a positive view of pediatric dental assistants, and providing ongoing education for our members in all aspects of their profession.

You, as the doctor/owner, get hands-off trainings for your PDAs, while your dental assistants grow in their skills and gain knowledge and valuable training.

The resources, growth, and collaboration naturally increases their satisfaction and pride in their chosen careers.

When your PDAs are happy, they are productive.

When they are productive, you make money.

It's a win-win.

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It is a fact that people who embrace a lifestyle of open communication, feedback, team collaboration, and self-improvement are more successful in transforming their careers and lives into what they've always dreamed and hoped for a fulfilling career that makes a positive contribution to the lives of those they serve.



"All of the assistants in my practice are members of PDAA and they really love being a part of their professional organization. It gives them insight to the big picture of pediatric dentistry, outside the walls of our day to day practice. After attending the PDAA Annual meeting, they returned with a greater sense of professionalism and drive, saying they were inspired and motivated! Additionally, our group of assistants really bonded which has been a huge bonus! They now have a fun sense of teamwork which benefits everyone in the practice!"

Anthea Drew Mazzawi, DMD
Canton, GA


"I have truly benefited from using the PDAA program in my pediatric practice for the past 2 years. My team has enjoyed the training modules that we use as part of their continuing education program. It has been a great resource for our new dental assistants and a good review for our 'seasoned' staff. The PDAA program has also provided a wonderful networking opportunity to locate quality assistants from different parts of the country. It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Haugseth and this unique curriculum that she has developed."

Angela M. Stout, DMD, MPH
Erdenheim, PA


"We have already used the PDAA training videos with new hires (one of whom has no dental experience), and they were very helpful. I also sent my clinical managers to the PDAA meeting in October and they came back energized, motivated, and brimming with new ideas for the practice! The PDAA is a distinct and unique opportunity to have young team members see themselves as professionals and also help more established members to recharge and re-motivate. It is a great tool in our Management/HR tool belt!"

Dr. Halley White, DDS
Wilmington, NC

WHAT DOES an Opportunity LIKE this USUALLY Cost?

Online Clinical Training: $8,000

Online Training in Communication Skills and People Skills $3,000

Email support from Dr. Haugseth: $2000/month

Bi-monthly newsletter filled with tips and strategies: $100/month

A strong, thriving practice where your employees are superstars and patients keep coming back and refer others to you. PRICELESS

All of these items add up to the sum of a dental student's college loans!

But you can quickly advance your practice and the careers of your PDAs with this unique membership opportunity for a fraction of that.

Join today by downloading the application form.

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